Seth Boyce

About me

Hello, my name is Seth! I am a technical support specialist with years of experience in handling over-the-phone and instant messaging support for technical issues. I have a strong background in customer service and strive to provide the best customer interaction experience possible while working towards a resolution. If I had to classify my skill sets, I would consider myself a "Jack-of-all-trades"; having multiple skills is a highly-desired trait in today's markets, but I believe that it's wise to invest in skills for a focused career path. I am very comfortable with my current skills and I am always looking to improve them. If you'd like to know more details about what I have to offer, please see the "Specialties" section below.

I am always interested in a challenge! If you have a project that you'd like assistance with and you feel I may be of service, please reach out to me at any time (my contact details can be found at the bottom of this page).

"Through diligence and strength, we create peace."


  • Computer Repair

    From troubleshooting software issues to replacing computer parts, people are always in need of a good technician. I've been CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified since 2015, and currently working on renewing my certifications with knowledge of newer standards.

  • Front-end Web Development

    A website should be visually appealing and able to conform to different screen ratios. Responsive layouts are the newest standard in front-end development, and I intend to provide websites with a clean, responsive, and visually-stunning design.

  • Coding

    Coding is something of a hobby for me, though don't be dissuaded by my personal classification of this skill. Several of my hobby projects include working with JSON, Lua, Second Life's LSL, and of course HTML and CSS.


Below are some of my ongoing projects that I maintain in my free time.

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